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Market Research Services

Before investing in a business venture, let us help you conduct market research. TECHenya Solutions market research services allow you to understand the size of your target market, their likes and dislikes, the marketing approaches most likely to wok for them, etc. 

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At TECHenya solutions, we offer Advertising Research Services to clients, helping them get the best return on advertisements. 

Get product appeal research, advertising message (copy testing) research, advertising media selection research, and advertising effectiveness research services.

Learn about your prospects journey to making purchase decisions. This will help your business tailor marketing that appeals to them at every step along the way, reducing bounces and lost sales.  

Our customer satisfaction research services help you assess the level of satisfaction that your customers get from your products or services. 

Get a better grasp of what they expect from you that would boost their satisfaction. 

We help companies collect data from online spaces. This data is then analyzed and presented in a decision-maker friendly report. 

Want to market your offers online? This is the first step to succeeding. 

need help collecting and analyzing quantitative data relating to your market? We work with companies to collect, clean, and analyze data for decision making. Use our services to continually collect information from different sources, helping you gain better insights and make smarter decisions.

Thinking of introducing a new brand or product in a new market? Let us help you estimate demand for better planning. With TECHenya Analytics services, we help businesses estimate demand for their brands before launching. 

To properly target your market with promotional campaigns, it is imperative to understand the culture. 

A marketing approach or product feature that appeals to a certain market may not appeal to the other. There is no one-fit-for-all approach to marketing in different cultures. Besides, cultures change and this needs to reflect in your offers. 

Do you have data from existing research? We process, tabulate, and  analyze the data, giving you valuable insights relating to your market. 

Get informative visuals that help you understand your market better. 

Qualitative market research allows business owners to understand the target market better. 

Gain insights such as the needs of the market, changing lifestyles, developing expectations, etc. TECHenya Solutions will help you gather this data, analyze, and gain business-relevant insights from it. 

We have a panel of 140,000 survey participants from different demographic, social, and geographic strata. It is a good space to start your market research. 

Are you a distributor and you want to gain insights into your distribution channel to make it more efficient and cost-effective? TECHenya Solutions helps you gain these insights in a clear and detailed reports. 

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Want an android app to manage your ecommerce business on the go? TECHenya Solutions is ready to have it done for you. 

We create versatile mobile applications for our clients and maintain them, adding functionalities as need arises.

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Android App Development Service - TECHenya Solutions

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Where are our Clients?

At TECHenya Solutions, we work with clients from different parts of the world. Most of them are from these countries:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom.
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Australia
  6. Kenya
  7. South Africa
  8. Germany
  9. France
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