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ERP & BPA Solutions

ERP Systems

TECHenya Solutions ERP Systems solutions are ideal for both small-sized businesses, middle-sized companies, and large enterprises. We have a solution for your business needs to better your enterprise resource planning efforts.

Get an ERP System to smartly manage your wholesale or retail business. TECHenya’s ERP Solutions cater for retailers and wholesalers of different levels. The ERP systems are installed on the client’s computer or online server. get in touch to see the different modules available for your specific business. 

Manage your recruitment internally with a recruitment system made specifically to make the work of HR Managers easy. 

Get QuickBooks Accounting solutions for your business. QuickBooks is the ideal accounting solution for small and medium business enterprises. Get this amazing piece of business development software in your premises from TECHenya Solutions and start keeping better books of accounts. 

There are different point of sale systems for dofferent use cases. TECHenya Solutions POS  solutions are reliable and scalable. Whether you are looking for POS systems in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya, Kampala and elsewhere in Uganda, Dar and other towns in Tanzania, or Kinshasa in Congo, we can install and Configure the POS fr you. This can be done online or on premises. 

For manufacturers in Nairobi Kenya, Kampala in Uganda, Dar in Tanzania, and Kinshasa in Congo, finding the ideal ERP for your production facility is fairly easy. TECHenya Solutions is different, however. We install and maintain ERP systems for manufacturers in these locations with a keen focus on quality, reliability, and redundancy. You will not lose your manufacturing data with us. 

For manufacturers just starting out, we have an online fully managed ERP platform for you. You just get started and everything else is catered for you for a low price of $20 per month. 

Want to efficiently manage your Human Resources, TECHenya Solutions offers installation and maintenance of Human Resource systems to clients from around the world. Our HRM Solutions are more geared towards the small and medium enterprises. They help you manage leaves, payroll, recruitment, and attendance. Are you an SME worried about the cost of implementing robust human resource management system? just get in touch and we’ll figure out a solution that’s just right for you. 

Documents are the lifeline for your business. The Contracts, invoices, quotations, receipts, etc., are critical to business success and you need a document management system for easier management. While some may wonder why one needs a document management system, business owners dealing with large volume of paperwork understand the time-saving impact of a document management solution. TECHenya Solutions helps small and middle sized business implement an effective band secure document management system. 

Your business generates data every day when a client interacts with it, or suppliers interact with you. Business intelligence solutions helps you get a better image of your business by making the hidden information easy to get. The earlier a business starts implementing business intelligence, the better their development. TECHenya Solutions has a range of business intelligence solutions for small amd medium businesses.

BPA Systems

BPA Systems helps you automate your business processes, which saves time and money for your company. The Business Process Automation solutions are suitable for individual professionals who seek to automate bookings, confirmations, invoicing, etc, and small to medium businesses aiming to achieve the same.

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