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Branding & Strategy Services Template

TECHenya Solution’s Braning and Brand Strategy services are geared towards projecting a value for your business to the outside world. Since branding is not only the graphics, we offer different services to help create an image (read brand) for your business. 

Use our brand awareness campaigns to build knowledge about your brand to the wider market. The goal is to expose your brand to as many people as possible. This is especially applicable to new product launches. 

Ever read a story and was like ‘this speaks so much about my situation right now’ or ‘that is so clear that any kid would understand’? Use TECHenya Solutions brand copywriting services to get content that resonates with your target market. 

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is a phrase that, in the business environment, is embodied in a Logo. Get your business a logo that clearly speaks its language. TECHenya Solutions’ logo design services are suitable for businesses of all kinds. Small businesses, Medium enterprises, and large enterprises. 

Designing a user-centric product requires a user interface (UI) that is easy to navigate and appealing. Whether you’re building a web app, a destop-based software, or hand held device, TECHenya Solutions offers user interface design services that bring the best out of your brand. 

What brand name should I use? How will it resonate with my target audience? These are some questions that individuals ask themselves before choosing a name for their business. TECHenya Solutions helps you choose a brand name for your company. We consider factors such as the perception, competition, domains, etc, before we recommend a name for you. 

Sometimes, rebranding is the best choice for companies. It depicts change of values, product design or components of a brand or company. Some questions that business owners have include whether the new brand will end up like the previous one. At TECHenya Solutons, we work with companies in the rebranding process and use data analytics for better outcomes. 

We help businesses convert their websites from non-lead generating ones to lead magnets. This service is

Ecommerce Mobile Development

Want an android app to manage your ecommerce business on the go? TECHenya Solutions is ready to have it done for you. 

We create versatile mobile applications for our clients and maintain them, adding functionalities as need arises.

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Android App Development Service - TECHenya Solutions

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TECHenya Solutions Logo - Kenya
TECHenya Solutions Logo - Kenya

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TECHenya Solutions Logo - Kenya
TECHenya Solutions Logo - Kenya
TECHenya Solutions Logo - Kenya
TECHenya Solutions Logo - Kenya
TECHenya Solutions Logo - Kenya