Our Code

Our Code at TECHenya Solutions

At TECHenya Solutions, our code is LEAD. 

L: for Listen

At TECHenya Solutions, we are good at listening. We listen to our clients and to each other. 

We understand that without effective listening, we are likely to miss out on the most essential part of our business; our clients needs. Working with us is working with a team that listens to your needs with the aim of fulfilling them. 

E: for Engage

Once we knw our clients need, we engage with them continuously to better understand their needs, and align them with our core competencies. We know that engagement is a continuous process and we keep our lines of communication open for engaging with our clients at all times. Working with us is working with a partner who engages you all through to ensure that solutions delivered are not only appealing to us, but to you as well. 

A: for Act

Our engagements are always followed by actions. We act on all deliberations made between our clients and us, being keen on quality. Besides this, we act on our skills to ensure that we are constantly updating ourselves with new industry metrics to help us better our services. When it comes to our services and products, we act whenever issues are reported by our users to ensure that everything works smoothly. Working with us is working with a partner that acts on your support queries, acts on timelines, and acts on professionalism. 

D: for Delivery

The last code is Delivery. We do not only deliver, we deliver quality. We strive to deliver as per the agreed timelines, and pursue quality that exceeds our clients expectations. 


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