Governments Agencies Digital Marketing & ICT Services

Government agencies such as ministries, parastatals, etc are constantly adopting technology. TECHenya solutions works with these agencies in ICT training, web development, hosting & management, as well as graphic design and animations. 

  • SEO Services

    Search engine optimization services help your entertainment business appear when people search for entertainment-related keywords. A typical search is "Best entertainment joints near me" or "Fun entertainment events this weekend". With TECHenya Solutions' SEO services, we help your events and joints appear more and up in searches. We also optimize videos for SEO t highlight past events.

  • Brand Strategy

    As a brand in the entertainment industry, what sets you apart from the competition? Is it the type of events that you hold (corporate, high end, etc)? is it the location of your events (out of town, urban, etc)? Irrespective of your branding goals, TECHenya Solutions helps your bring out these aspects of your brand.

  • Digital/Online/Internet Marketing

    Depending on your entertainment company, its niche and target, there are specific digital marketing strategies that work. We work with you to deliver high-converting digital marketing campaigns including Social Media campaigns, website design & redesign, YouTube marketing, etc.

  • Data & Analytics

    Which events have the most attendees? At what time of the year? With what kind of attendants? Which tickets sell more? Are guests impressed by the setup? etc. These are questions that require a data strategy to be in place for your entertainment business. With our Data & Analytics services, you get to establish a data-centric approach to business management.

  • Graphic Design

    With appealing graphics, you capture the attention of your target audience. While most entertainment companies have internal graphic design teams, TECHenya Solutions offers a consistent tracking of graphics performance, improving your future marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing & ICT Services for Governments and Government Agencies - TECHenya Solutions

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