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Industries We Serve

At TECHenya Solutions, we offer our ICT services to different clients in diverse industries. Our services are customized to specific industries and clients. Whichever industry your business is in, partnering with us in digital marketing is the right choice. We will grow together.

Want to scale your building and construction business by netting online clients? Use our digital marketing and analytics services to achieve this affordably and soon.

For coaches and trainers, leveraging online advertising technologies in your business is key to attracting more leads. At TECHenya solutions, we help trainers and coaches leverage email marketing, landing pages, funnel building, and other digital marketing tools to better their performance. In this quest, we developed CartChannelsTM  to make it easier for creators to get started online. 

In the consumables industries, marketing should present product details quickly, to a wide audience, and at a lower rate of customer acquisition due to high churn rate. With TECHenya Solutions graphic design, animation, data analytics, and digital marketing services, we help consumables brands to communicate their product offers, track engagement and conversions, and continually improve digital marketing campaigns. 

Want to increase the number of clicks to your product pages on you ecommerce platforms? TECHenya Solutions helps you accomplish this fete by leveraging best practices that bring higher quality leads, increasing your conversion rates and maximize your return on marketing. 

In the entertainment industry, digital presence and humor is key to success. TECHenya solutions can work with your entertainment brand to carve out a digital marketing plan with a lasting impact.  

The fashion and apparel industry is a highly comptitive industry. We work with fashion and apparel brands to develop digital marketing campaigns that leave an impression on the target market. 

From designing fashion websites, designing and implementing email marketing campaigns, to creating fashion- related graphics and animations, TECHenya Solutions works with fashion brands to help them stand out in a highly competitive industry. 

Use our graphics, animation, and digital marketing services to promote your finance business. We work with finance companies to curate marketing messages that resonate with their clientele. We also offer training on digital awareness. 

Government agencies such as ministries, parastatals, etc are constantly adopting technology. TECHenya solutions works with these agencies in ICT training, web development, hosting & management, as well as graphic design and animations. 

Marketing companies need reliable technology services to better their client’s experiences and continually improve performance. TECHenya Solutions offers data & analytics, graphic design & animation, and cloud services to marketing companies to achieve this. 

Are you running an NGO, CBO, or Charity groups, we offer subsidized charges by up to 50% on all our service offers. Let your cause be known through digital marketing. Contact us for actual rates. 

Stand out of your political competition by having clear view of your competitors with data analytics, digital campaigns, and animated graphics. At TECHenya Solutions, we put our range of services at your disposal to better market yourself to your target electorate. 

TECHenya Solutions works in an environment of technology companies. We work with other companies that complement our services as we complement theirs. We develop websites, host them, and manage them for technology companies. We also run adverts for tech companies with which we do not have competing interests. 

Being an influencer is an uphill task. Monetizing your influence, is a facet that most influencers are confused on. Questions such as Can I launch What merchandise should I sell? What can I d to interact wit my followers better? What are the characteristics of my followers? etc. All these questions need research to answer .
TECHenya solutions works with influencers to identify fitting products for targeting their fans with, and develop strategies to actualize it.

Have a landscaping or interior design business? Your business could do better with a better website, better social media marketing, better analytics, and better management systems, . The good thing is that TECHenya Solutions provides all these services  100% online.  Get in touch and we’ll figure a solution together. 

Sell jewelry better with TECHenya Solutions digital marketing services. From designing your jewelry webstore to managing your social media accounts for high engagement, TECHenya Solutions has it all. Get Started with data analysis and understand hidden gems in your jewelry business, and outgrow your competitors with SEO research services. 

What digital services are suitable for a legal enterprise? We’ll list them for you: social media marketing, website, legal erp systems, legal copywritng, web hosting & management, explainer videos in 2 or 3D, etc. TECHenya Solutions can help your legal clinic, law firm, or legal blog thrive with our digital marketing services.  

Logistics businesses pivot on timely and quality deliveries. TECHenya Solutions helps logistics businesses to better deliver this assurance to their prospects via web copywriting, web design, and  social media marketing services. To stay ahead in the logistics field, you need to leverage digital marketing and TECHenya solutions is your worthy partner. 

In manufacturing business, technology solutions create effective workflows, make human resource management easier, and helps market the products effectively to the target clients. TECHenya Solutions digital marketing services for manufacturing companies are what your business needs to reach a wider market. 

We offer digital marketing services for hospitals and medical facilities, increasing brand recognition, boosting bookings. Get in touch with the TECHenya team for a more detailed look at your medical facility’s strategic digital marketing. 

In the videography and photography industry, the key element is visual quality and audio quality. As a videographer or photographer, this may not be a challenge. However, to maximize your income opportunities you need to create awareness by being discoverable. TECHenya Solutions SEO Services, Graphics and Animations, and data Analytics services helps your business be discoverable. 

Sell real estate better with our digital marketing services. Do you want to track your campaigns better? Track leads and conversions? Create a website for your realty business? Outsource your real estate business’s graphic design tasks? Or run optimized social media campaigns? TECHenya Solutions will work with you to see all these accomplished.  

Ecommerce Mobile Development

Want an android app to manage your ecommerce business on the go? TECHenya Solutions is ready to have it done for you. 

We create versatile mobile applications for our clients and maintain them, adding functionalities as need arises.

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